Our passion

The best knitwear combines exceptional, striking design with perfect execution. Miss out on one of these, and you’ll be left with a subpar product. At Meta-Tex International, we make sure that your designs reach their fullest potential by ensuring high quality knitwear products. We combine flexibility, speed and experience to enable our growing international customer base to keep pace with trends and changes, without compromising on quality.


Our processes

1 1
Styles & Design

Gathering all specifications (style, measurements tables, base material, etc.) of the garments. Assisting our customer with selection of the base material and accessories.

2 2

During this phase we make samples of the product(s). We make based on the customers specifications several samples, Photo samples, Salesmen samples, Pre-production samples, etc.

3 3

Once the samples are approved we will plan and start the production of the garments/ product(s). During this stage, the first quality check is also performed.

4 4

Once the product has been produced it undergoes several steps such as Steaming, Cutting, Sewing, Linking and product steaming before it is finished. Another quality check is performed to ensure the garment is manufacture according to specifications.

5 5
Quality Check & Inspection

During this phase, the garments are inspected thoroughly to ensure these are perfectly produced according to customer specifications.

6 6
Packaging & Logistics

Products are being packaged and ready for shipment.